Photo Credit:  Ludivine OKC

Photo Credit: Ludivine OKC

Why Bevographer?

Bevographer is just a portmanteau of the words beverage and photographer. A little bit ago, I felt that I was stagnant in my creativity and needed an outlet to dedicate myself to perfecting. My husband and I were at the new Empire Slice House location, drinking a damn good beer and cocktail, and a lightbulb moment hit when I took a rad picture of the beer. Why not hyper-focus on one specific area of photography? I love beer, coffee, and cocktails, especially as I had previous careers in both the coffee and bartending industries. I moved into marketing and photography career-wise, but still wanted to be a part of both the coffee and bar industries. Thus, the Bevographer was born!

Miranda Hodge

Hi! I’m Miranda. From the beginning, I was known as a tenacious firecracker in my hometown near Amarillo, TX. After graduating college, I caught the adventure bug and moved all over the world. After I met my husband on Instagram, we traveled to Montana and Washington before we decided to settle down halfway between our families in OKC.

I own and operate a digital marketing company called Blackmore Digital, if you want to chat all things paid, SEO, and social marketing!

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